A Grandmother’s Heart Felt Testimonial…

“…Struggling with ADHD, OCD, Severe Anxiety, and Dyslexia…”

How children can cope with their struggles and find peace, confidence, and happiness.
PHAS3 helps children find peace, confidence, and happiness.

“This is Elle, my sweet bright granddaughter.  She has felt the acute differences between herself and others.  At 9 1/2 years old (before PHAS3 Muay Thai) she was caught in a self-incriminating war, struggling with ADHD, OCD, Severe Anxiety and Dyslexia.  One after another her best friends moved away.  She started playing alone at recess.  Her self-esteem was at an all time low.  Intruding negative thoughts bombarded her daily. 


We tried everything we could to build her a positive sense of self…

Then we found PHAS3 Muay Thai and Coach Ben, and the results have been nothing less than amazing.  Elle has thrown herself into it and is earning medals like a house on fire. 

Today our girl is 10.  Self Esteem is up.  Dyslexia is almost gone.  Negative intruding thoughts are at a minimum, and are replaced with a truly positive self image.  Anxiety is down, and strength is up.  She has friends again.  A clear voice.  She is confident and laughs easily.  We also see more self discipline:  Homework is done, room stays mostly clean, and she does what she’s told without complaint.  She has a sense of self pride, belonging, and accomplishment. 

But most of all…she is happy.  Truly happy, and her future looks bright and promising. 

I can’t express the deep gratitude we have for Coach Ben and his team for empowering our girl to have a positive relationship with herself and others.  She has worked hard, and through the kindness, insight, discipline, and encouragement of PHAS3 this incredible transformation is finally taking place.

PHAS3: Creating Champions in all different forms.”

-Anna Evans

One thought on “A Grandmother’s Heart Felt Testimonial…

  1. I’ve had two kids go through Phas3 and agree it is awesome for them on so many levels. In a world of so many toxic things online, Phas3 is a welcome antidote. It’s also great for parents!

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