PHAS3 Coach Ben: Facing Adversity

PHAS3 Head Coach Ben Brown:  Facing Adversity

If you are training with us I think I can safely say that you love it here.  And I’m thinking that if I asked you too, you could list plenty of things about PHAS3 that you love.  But because the way our brain is set up, a lot of people overlook the most important thing. And it’s not that what we do here is easy…

The most powerful selling points of what we do here at PHAS3 is that it is hard.  Think about that.

Let’s say your goal is to become a millionaire.  If given a choice MOST people would say winning the lottery would be “the best way”.  Because it’s easy.
But they have done research on this…and the fact is that MOST people who win the lottery are miserable.  That’s a fact.
But if you look at someone who started with nothing, was faced with obstacle after obstacle, who had to grind, and sweat, and FIGHT to become a millionaire…you will find that THAT person is much more likely to feel satisfaction, pride, and joy in what they have.

Most things in life are more rewarding when you have to sweat for them.  It’s counter intuitive I know.  Life would be SO much easier if you didn’t take the time get in your car and make it to class, glove up, crack pads round after round, and then pump out your 10 and 10.  It would be SO much easier if you didn’t accept that fight against a tough opponent, who you know is not going to go down easy. (And you are smart enough to know that your “opponent” is whatever is standing between you and what you need to get done today)

But here is the thing, your opponent’s ONLY reason to exist in your life is to serve as a tool for you.  A simple devise to help you pry out the best possible version of yourself.  The harder the fight, the more you have to be proud of.  And THAT is the consistent, proven, and reliable “recipe” for fulfillment.  IF you maintain the proper mindset.  

So take a second to consider who is it in your life that you look up too?  Who is it that you truly admire, and why?  Is it because what they accomplished was easy?  I’m guessing not.  I’M guessing that what you admire in that person is that what they do, or what have done was uncommonly HARD.  If you want what most of us want, which it to be proud of yourself…to be someone that the people you care about look up too, then facing difficulty is the MOST important ingredient.  

The things that are worth the most in your life are the things worth working the hardest for. You are already working hard on my mats…So HEAR me on this… If you can do that here, then you can do that in everything in your life.  I think that’s worth remembering.

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