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About Our School

Welcome to the PHAS3 Martial Arts website. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructors and program directors are standing by to assist you on enrolling into a program that is the perfect fit! PHAS3 is located in Santa Rosa directly across the street from beautiful Howarth Park. With a 3,600ft facility there is plenty of training space for all. PHAS3 offers classes for kids ages 4 and up, as well as Martial Arts for teenagers, and adults of every fitness and experience level. We also offer training for the highest level of Muay Thai and MMA competition. Reach out to take advantage of your first free sessions. We hope to see you soon!

Ben Brown

Instructor/Owner Ben Brown

PHAS3 Martial Arts is founded by world class coach Ben Brown, who has been teaching at this location for over 20 years. He began training in Martial Arts at the age of 5. He grew up in his father's Martial Arts school and started teaching at the age of 14. He has continued doing so for over 47 years. Coach Ben has trained military, law enforcement, and taught self defense across the globe. While teaching in Taiwan he decided to stop by Thailand and fell in love with Muay Thai, also known as the powerful "Art of 8 Limbs". He came back the the United States committed to finding the best Muay Thai coach on the continent, and became the life long student and friend of Muay Thai legend and UFC coach Jongsanan Fairtex, also known as the "Woodenman". Ben Brown is the first man in America to be certified him.

Coach Ben trains champion level combat athletes who compete and win internationally. He is also a public and motivational speaker, sharing the many valuable insights learned in the ring and translates them to benefit people in all aspects of their lives.

While Ben Brown trains top fighters, business leaders, and corporate employees, he takes the most joy out of showing everyday people how to use Martial Arts to find the strongest versions of themselves. Having worked closely with local schools and law enforcement, he is committed to making his community a better place.


PHAS3 Martial Arts will help you use the incredible art form of Muay Thai to achieve your best in all facets of your life. If your goal is to lose weight, relieve stress, or to simply find the best version of yourself, the staff and students here at PHAS3 are committed to offering our training to anyone willing to learn. PHAS3’s programs include something for everyone!

Kids Martial Arts/Muay Thai

Beginner & Intermediate Muay Thai/Martial Arts

Advanced UFC/Muay Thai Fighter Training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Why Choose PHAS3 Martial Arts?

This is where you will a EMPOWER YOURSELF.

We are here to help you become the best version of yourself. Everyone at PHAS3 will be there to support you as you become stronger in mind, body, and spirit. Every time you step off of the mats you will be more prepared to face and overcome the challenges of life. The PHAS3 Instructors are the best instructors in the county. Each has been hand selected by Ben Brown making them the perfect mentor, coach and instructor for all students. We focus on the training needs of each student, as an individual.

You are bigger and better than you know! Schedule a time to meet a P3 Instructor TODAY.

There is no better place to find your fitness and strength.

We have successfully improved the physical fitness of everyone from NFL football players to stay at home moms. Regardless of your place in life, the staff and students here at PHAS3 work together to help you loose weight, build strength, and develop your stamina. So regardless of your being a top level athlete or someone who simply wants to make it easier to walk up the stairs, we have the proven methods to improve your body.

We train adults as well as kids ages 4 and up, and everyone who comes in walks away a better stronger person.

We promise you will find the workouts here to be perfect for you...whoever you are. Fill out a form or give us a call TODAY.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Liz Hanley

The entire team at PHAS3 has had an amazing impact on our family. PHAS3 has great training programs with something for everyone. We have two children with very different needs and personalities, and they both get so much out of it. They have both grown and learned so much while strengthening their minds and bodies. I’m always impressed with the PHAS3 instructor’s abilities to connect with the students. I love watching the kids become stronger and better versions of themselves with each class

Megan Bearg

We have been coming for 7 years and it has undoubtedly contributed to my children’s confidence. The lessons learned, not just physical, apply to all areas of life- Respect, discipline, and character! The coaches here are excellent with the kids. Tough, funny, and motivating.

Barbara Schilling

I’ve been here at PHAS3 for years and can honestly say there is no other place on earth I’d rather be. The people here are the nicest people I have ever worked with. Mind, Body, Spirit!